Xerocon 2019 brought the world’s most innovative and exciting cloud accounting conference to San Diego. The event inspired attendees with incredible keynote speakers, engaging activities, and exciting product releases. The Back Room founder, Wayne Findlay, was there for it all. Here’s a quick snapshot of the highlights.

The Back Room at Xerocon: Wayne’s activities

Wayne was lucky enough to attend Xerocon to make a guest appearance, and he had a busy few days meeting with various business owners, partners and other professional individuals among the Xero community. The opportunity to network and share ideas, experience and inspiration with like-minded individuals was appreciated by all.

The biggest highlight for The Back Room came on Day Two, when Wayne participated in the breakout session lead by Matt Wilkinson of Bizink. During the session, Wayne had the chance to share his journey in offshoring and his marketing efforts at The Back Room.

Manosca from Enterprise Accounts, Nick Noone from NoonPlus, and many more, showed their support for Wayne and Matt, and they were amazed with their stories and experiences which resonated with so many in the audience.

Product announcements we loved

The Xerocon 2019 conference was the launchpad for Xero to announce the release of a few incredible new products. Here’s what we loved:

  • US Tax Mapper – the all-new tax workflow solution making it easy to map client data using your favourite tax software with a few clicks.
  • Canada GST Reporting – another tax time feature letting you perform GST and HST calculations within the Xero platform.
  • New Xero Learning Platform – Xero has created a new learning platform, integrated within Xero Central, giving you instant access to the information you need, right where you need it!

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New opportunities with new partnerships

Xero also took the opportunity to announce three exciting new partnerships. The cloud accounting specialists are expanding their collaboration with PwC, one of the world’s largest accounting firms, and hope to innovate together to “develop more efficient products and services for small businesses”.

Additionally, a new global partnership with Stripe will offer greater options and a more seamless payment experience to small businesses, and a new partnership with Novo Direct Bank Feed introduces secure integration with Novo accounts.

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What inspired us?

The key takeaway that we, at The Back Room, got from Xerocon was the message that disruptive innovation has an enormous role to play in the future of accounting. Keynote speaker and disruptive strategist, Shawn Kanungo, spoke to a captive audience about the power every individual today holds to be an active participant in shaping the world’s innovations.

Accountants today need to adopt an exponential mindset in order to capitalise on the opportunities abounding. We’re incredibly excited to be an innovative company already riding the wave at the forefront of this global movement.

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