A lot of things will change in the Xero interface before November 2018 ends so weve put together this handy video showing some of the significant updates.

Navigation pane & Organisation tab

As you will notice, the navigation pane on top of the Xero interface for each client account has shrunk into one single straight line.

The organisation tab which was previously located at the top left part of the Xero interface, is now located at the left side of the Dashboard tab and now contains the Files and Settings tabs.

Practice Manager is now labelled WorkflowMax. A link to the App Marketplace has been included below the WorkflowMax tab.

At the same time, you now need to click Change Organization on top of the Organisation tab to see the search bar and switch to another client account.

Meanwhile, Xero HQ, My Xero and Workpapers tabs still look the same as they did before.

Xero Settings

Xero Settings has now been divided into two categories: Organisation Settings and Advanced Accounting Settings. To switch categories, click the link below the settings interface.

The Financial Settings, Report Codes, Report Fields and Schedules, Chart of Accounts and Conversion Balances, which are the most used Xero settings, are now all under the Advanced Accounting Settings. Find and Recode and Manual Journals are also included in here.

Overall, nothing has changed on the interface of each of these items.

You can click the star on the right side of each setting to put it under your favorites. These will show on the Advanced section of your Accounting Tab.

Business tab

Business is the new label of the tab previously known as Accounts. It now contains specific functions of the Sales and Purchases tab – for example, creating Invoices, Quotes, Bills or Purchase Orders.

The Inventory tab has been renamed as Products and Services.

Meanwhile, Bank Accounts and Fixed Assets have been merged to the Accounting Tab. However, the interface of both of these functions remained the same.

Moreover, a new Payroll tab has been included to contain all the functions of the Pay Run tab previously included in the Accounts tab.

Adviser & Reports tabs gone

The Adviser tab is now gone. All of the functions related to this tab have been included in the Advanced Accounting Settings interface.

Reports tab is gone as well and has been merged under the Accounting tab. However, the same set of reports are still available by the same arrangement.

We hope this has given you an idea of what to expect once the new Xero interface has been made available. Please contact us if you have questions.

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