Are you wondering what kind of job you will have after graduating from college? Have you ever thought about pursuing your passion and career that coincides with your degree? Have you ever dreamed of a job that will make you a successful and professional individual with continuous development? Have you ever considered a new and bigger opportunity that will satisfy your personal and practical needs?

These are the questions we ask ourselves, whether we want a job that just meets our expectations or the kind of job that is advanced and extremely challenging. Here at The Back Room, we promote and support continuous career development, camaraderie and professional competence that an employee needs, which will eventually transform them into high caliber professionals.

Engaging with career driven and enthusiastic individuals

We employ fresh graduates and experienced accountants who have their own unique strengths, and a smoldering passion and hunger for greatness that will lead them to a job they want.

We thoroughly evaluate and give feedback promptly to applicants. We believe that valuing a person’s objective and time, applying at a company they think highly of, is a way of showing integrity and respect.

We bring out the best in them by asking questions that are quite distinct and challenging to make them show their true capabilities and reason for wanting to work at The Back Room.

Four interesting reasons why you’d want to work at The Back Room

1. Training programs to enhance learning with accredited CPD units

We have onboarding training for hired accountants during their first week with intensive discussions about New Zealand Accounting and Taxation. This helps them prepare for the work they will do for their clients where we will provide at least 40 CPD units after their 5-day training.

We also have training from our directors and senior staff from time to time to enhance their knowledge of accounting principles and new approaches in New Zealand Accounting. Training modules, videos, and live meetings with clients and other professionals in NZ are also provided.

Lastly, we have what we call mentoring, where their own team and senior accountants will help teach the fundamentals and other significant information about their client’s accounting firm.

2. Client visits

Clients are certainly substantial for all companies, but for us, they are more than that. We strongly value clients and assure them that their teams in the Philippines are not just ordinary employees, but they are professionals from a high caliber workforce who are trained and have already built expertise of their own.

Hence, clients are very keen on meeting their staff to get to know them which will lead to a more harmonious working operation. So they visit the office and meet the team in the Philippines to train them and catch-up from time to time.

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3. Staff travel

Of course, if clients can travel, so can the team. The Back Room proudly introduces its staff to the clients and offers them to go to their country to observe the actual business operations, have sufficient training, and experience their country’s renowned culture.

A few of our accountants have already traveled around New Zealand and shared their wonderful and memorable experiences during their trip. Our staff don’t just stay in front of their computers, but they also have the opportunity to go out there and encounter the reality and authenticity of working with their clients.

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4. Camaraderie with the team and staff plus special celebrations

Working wouldn’t be fun and worthwhile without your friends and colleagues. They say that an employee stays not just because of work, but also because of their supportive and genuine friends. When you get to know and bond with your team and make friends, everything becomes lighter and more buoyant, making work more fun and productive.

Knowing you have people that will make you happy, who will bring out the best in you and who will help guide you accounting-wise, can make your every day happy and prolific. And with that, we conduct special celebrations like birthdays and anniversaries altogether in appreciation and gratitude to our awesome employees.

Get to know more about the fresh graduates here at The Back Room

We interviewed three of our amazing accountants who shared their thoughts about working here at The Back Room.

The first one is Samuel, a top-notcher in the October 2018 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board exam who was ranked as 7th placer. He’s a happy person who’s eager at work because of his supportive bosses and awesome teammates.

The second one is Praise, a carefree workaholic who still manages to lighten a bit and make his team lively and fun.

And the last one is Martin, a bold and enthusiastic accountant who is always game for challenges and never forgets to spread good vibes to people around him.

Samuel Joshua C. Tongol

Samuel Joshua C. Tongol

As a fresh graduate, how does it feel working at a BPO company like The Back Room?

Working with The Back Room is a fresh experience! It is a great opportunity to get involved with the accounting rules, systems, and taxation of other countries. The industry provides you with the right amount of challenge and growth. Being part of a dynamic team that will always have your back and is willing to lend a helping hand makes you want to perform better. It is also a delight to be able to communicate, establish relationships and learn the culture of different people abroad.

Describe your experience with the onboarding training and how you think it will help with your job.

The onboarding training aims to equip you with the fundamentals necessary to have a basic foundation and working knowledge of the job. It helped me get familiarised with things I later encountered at work and answered some questions as to why we do those things rather than just doing them.

Being able to have an idea of something before actually encountering it helps remove some of the uncertainty and makes you more confident about your work.

Samuel Joshua C. Tongol 1

What advice would you have for fresh graduates who are looking for a job?

Assess yourself in what you excel at and choose to start your career on what you think can provide the most opportunity and growth. After studying for many years and studying more just to be able to pass the licensure examinations, taking the time to choose your first job is very well deserved. Choose your options carefully but at the same time don’t take too long to decide as opportunities may pass you by.

But whatever happens, just enjoy the process and always pursue your passion and dreams. As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

Praise Barredo Pena

Praise Barredo Pena

As a fresh graduate, how does it feel working at a BPO company like The Back Room?

It is pleasant working here at The Back Room. People are so accommodating and easy to adapt. The environment is also relaxing. It makes me want to finish the job in the least possible time. As jobs become more complicated, I’m eager to learn more as it can increase my knowledge about accounting.

Describe your experience with the onboarding training and how you think it will help with your job.

Actually, almost all the preparatory procedures were introduced in the training and helped us understand the job as we encountered them. We quickly grasped the contents needed to finish a job.

Praise Barredo Pena 1

What advice would you have for fresh graduates who are looking for a job?

Work in a company that promotes work-life balance where you can do what you want after work. Also, find a job that is not so demanding and with clients who are kind.

Martin Luther Vital

Martin Luther Vital

As a fresh graduate, how does it feel working at a BPO company like The Back Room?

As a fresh accounting graduate, we always dream of working in the top four auditing firms in the Philippines but working in the BPO industry such as at The Back Room is a different level of thrill to consider. It is just like diving in an ocean full of rare fishes.

Describe your experience at onboarding training and how you think will it help you with your job.

It is actually terrifying at the beginning. Just imagine yourself going to the next big war without having anything. But once you’re done with all the training process, it will surely give you a bird’s eye view of what kind of job you’ll be dealing with.

Martin Luther Vital 1

What advice would you have for fresh graduates who are looking for a job?

Just follow your heart and trust God. It is not the kind of job that will make a difference, it is actually the passion and interest that will make you survive the so-called “working life”.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.”

– Chris Grosser

Whether you are a fresh graduate or a career shifter, start pursuing things that will make you a better person even if it scares you, because that’s the time when you will learn and improve as an individual.

Here at The Back Room, we will guide and support you all the way until you finally develop from a fresh accounting graduate to the competent and prominent accounting professional you’ve always wanted. You have to trust the process and believe that you can do it.

Like our very own fresh graduates who are now working towards their goals, it’s time to aspire and grab the opportunities and make it perfect!

Start working with us!

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