As a business owner, your (and your employee’s) physical and mental wellbeing is reflected directly in the health of your business – so it’s worth making it a priority. There are many ways you can incorporate health focused practices into your business; here a few suggestions to help you get started:

Balance, balance (and more balance!)

Work/life balance is a phrase we hear thrown around often, but what does it actually look like for you? When it comes to business, it’s very easy to get immersed in a never-ending to-do list, without remembering that productivity needs to be the key focus. Pareto’s 80/20 principle says that 20% of the time you spend working produces 80% of the results. So, how can you become more efficient in the time you allocate to work? Consider outsourcing, improving time management and prioritization skills, or even implementing new workflow software. Aim for changes that leave you more time to dedicate to life outside the office. 

Using the 80/20 rule to create work life balance (blog)

Xero: leading the way!

Xero saw a gap in the New Zealand small business market when it came to mental health support – so they decided to fill it. After some in depth research with the Mental Health Foundation of NZ, they’ve started the XAP (Xero Assistance Program).

In Xero’s words: “we’re thrilled that this service will provide free and confidential wellbeing support to approximately 850,000 New Zealand small business owners, their employees and families. The service is available through Xero’s own provider, Benestar. Users will have access to face-to-face, telephone, live chat and online counselling, as well as the Benehub and Benestar app.”

Go Xero!

Seeking help further afield

The pressure we feel when our task list becomes overwhelmingly long has huge effects on our mental health. However, for many businesses, taking on new employees to ease workload poses challenges from a management or financial perspective.

This is where Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) comes into its own. There’s a huge range of affordable, office based services available to busy business owners, including admin, accountancy, book-keeping and human resources – just to name a few. Relax knowing that tasks are being managed by trained professionals. 

Learn more about outsourcing with The Back Room 

You deserve a holiday

Sometimes it’s simple – we just need to take a big step back from the daily toil and have a proper holiday. Decide what makes you feel truly refreshed and revived – whether that’s climbing a mountain or lying on a palm-tree lined beach, make sure you give yourself the opportunity to wind down. Your mind will love you for it.  

Tips for switching off during the holidays (blog)

Lift the weight (literally!)

You can put that rush of post-exercise endorphins to good use in your work day. There’s no better way to shake of the ‘I’ve-been-sitting-in-front-of-a-computer-screen-too-long’ brain fog then to head outside for some fresh air and exercise. You don’t need to get too sweaty, a meander along the waterfront, a low impact gym session or even a lunchtime swim will see you reaping the rewards for the rest of your afternoon – perfect.

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