“I just don’t have the time.” How often do you find yourself saying those words? Everybody wishes for more time, and for business owners, there are simply not enough hours in the day. But what if we told you that you could hack your days to fit in all the tasks you wanted? Not only complete your work, but maybe take up an instrument, join a gym, or even visit family more than once a year. The truth is, we have enough time. We just have to know how to spend it.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin; Rod Drury, founder of Xero; and Sam Morgan, founder of Trade Me all had 24 hours in every day and seven days in every week. Now you might not aspire to start an airline, create the next Amazon, or invent cloud-based accounting software, but you could! With the exact same amount of time as every entrepreneur ever, you can achieve anything you want. You just need to avoid your ‘time thieves’.

Common time thieves

Time thieves, also known as ‘time stealers’, are the menial tasks and distractions you occupy yourself with that don’t need to be done. Everyone is familiar with procrastination, the classic time thief, but for business owners, your personal time thieves may not be so obvious. Here are some examples of common time thieves that you may recognise:

  • Social media – while your media plan may require posting to and engaging with social media, set a time limit for those tasks, then cut it in half. Giving yourself only the bare minimum amount of time will help you avoid falling down the rabbit hole of Tik Tok videos.
  • Meetings – If you don’t need to have a meeting, don’t have the meeting. Simple. Send a quick email instead.
  • Your inbox – Set two alarms during the workday and only check your inbox during that time. Let people know that they can expect a response from you at those times only. Your coworkers will start to find their own solutions instead of waiting, cutting down on incoming emails.
  • Answering the phone – Let your phone go to voicemail. Check it later when you don’t have to multitask. The truth is out; literally nobody is good at multitasking.
  • Running around like a headless chicken – Planning your day, your conversations, your phone calls with clients, and your to-do list will help you avoid running around with no direction.

Pro tip: outsourcing

If you saw yourself in the above list, employ our recommended strategies to eliminate time thieves and increase productivity and efficiency.

As a business owner however, you might still find yourself overwhelmed by your workload, but there is one more secret hack: outsourcing. Delegation is the secret weapon of every famous entrepreneur, and you should use it too. Today we can delegate almost any area of business, from HR to admin to accounting to customer service, employing highly-qualified, offshore English-speaking teams for a fraction of the domestic cost. With their hardworking and loyal culture, the Philippines has quickly become the country of choice for outsourcing, and here at The Back Room, we can help you find your team.

More about outsourcing at The Back Room

How to outsource

The Back Room increases your business capacity by outsourcing accounting, admin, legal, sale and marketing professionals. We bring on skilled, qualified staff who will help you grow your business. Our proven approach is a smart way for firms looking for that extra edge to access professional workforce support. So if you’re ready to be done with time thieves, reach out to us today.

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