Whether youve just started with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) or you are thinking about getting into it, you want to be familiar with the tools that make managing your remote accounting team as easy as possible. Many accounting firms would like to set up an offshore accounting team but dont know where to start or how to manage things once up and running. Successful outsourcing involves adopting a structured approach to the staff onboarding process, integrating on- and offshore teams, and using innovative tools to manage the outsourcing process.

Utilising a combination of innovative communication, workflow management systems, and other cloud tools in addition to basic, human-centered management tactics, you can create and successfully manage a productive and efficient remote team. In this rapidly-changing world, online and cloud-based tools provide the competitive edge to stay in the game, so here are the top three smart tools that we use to get you set up at The Back Room:

1. Cloud accounting

Were passionate about being innovative and are constantly looking at ways to be more efficient, which is why we use the online accounting software, Xero, along with other cloud-based tools for management and communication. Xero is the pinnacle of cloud accounting, and a major drawcard of the software is the user-friendly opportunity to set up offshore teams for an accounting firm.

At The Back Room, we provide Xero training and certification to all of our offshore staff in the Philippines, and our teams intimate working knowledge of the software gives them the perfect background to fulfil all of your outsourcing requirements.

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2. Video induction programmes

There is a direct correlation between how well you integrate your on- and offshore teams and the success you will achieve with Business Process Outsourcing. We believe a critical factor in building this relationship with remote teams is to provide a strong onboarding training and induction process.

When working with new staff halfway around the world, we find that video is a great way to convey information in a truly personal manner. To provide the best onboarding experience possible and set you up for success, we use our own video induction programmes created with ProProfs Knowledge Management Software.

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3. Online workflow management

To really get up and running, your new team will need to tick off a number of checklists, work through new procedures, and progress through different workflows. In order to manage workflows for the onboarding of your remote workforce, we use Process.st workflow management to create checklists and procedures and to follow along with their progress.

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Our specialty at The Back Room is providing all the tools you need to start outsourcing business processes in your accounting firm. If youre looking for help setting up a remote team or you would just like more information, contact us or find out more about us.

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