Looking at outsourcing your customer service, accounting, or maybe even HR? With its extraordinary biodiversity, breathtaking natural beauty and popularity with tourists, you could be forgiven for overlooking the Philippines as a natural hub for international business. However this humble Asian nation is a powerful contender in the global outsourcing game.

So here’s what you need to know about the Philippines.

Humble archipelago to high-rise superpower

From modest beginnings to a multicultural epicentre, the Philippines developed with early influence from China and Malaysia before being colonised by the Spanish, invaded by the Japanese, and ruled by the US. Trading with China since “the beginning of history”, the indigenous archipelagic people began a praxis of international business that should have alluded to the role present-day Philippines would play in Business Process Outsourcing. This appetite for globalisation would only grow with the coming Spanish and American influences.

While the US would go on to have arguably the biggest impact on the development of the picturesque Southeast Asian nation, the Spanish influence is one of the most obvious with many Filipino people and places still bearing Spanish names today. Surprisingly however, the Spanish language is all but forgotten in the Philippines, and the dominance of English as a spoken language pays homage to the capture and occupation of the country after the Spanish-American War.

Coupled with the English language-speaking proficiency, two other major US influences helped shape the Philippines into the international business hub it is fast-becoming: the development of a western-inspired education system, and the introduction of western culture.

As The Back Room’s training and development manager, Miguel Paulo Serrano, describes, the Philippines was “really a gem for the western countries because of its strategic location for war and trade”. While the Philippines now proudly flies an independent flag, this auspicious trait paved the way for the country’s development into the rapidly-growing international business centre that we see today, boasting one of the world’s fastest growing economies.

High Rise Buildings City In The Philippines

Culture that creates a superior workforce

The Philippines is a country with a very attractive culture, renowned for exuding positivity. This culture is built on a network of social values which bind the vast majority of the population together under common values and a common religion.

Traits that are particularly valued by the Filipino people include respect for authority, strong interpersonal relationships, high regard for self esteem, and a strong religious faith. While the strength of their convictions may seem foreign to many westerners, it is the deep connection of the Filipino people to their culture that moulds them into a superior workforce for Business Process Outsourcing.

Filipino workers are naturally self-motivated, driven and hardworking, and coupled with the value they place on respect for self-esteem and maintaining polite, meaningful relationships with colleagues, they are model employees.

While the western world moves towards creating opportunities for remote work, automating processes, and breaking down workplace hierarchies in the pursuit of informality, the formal business environment is fading. Although this new business model is definitely well-suited to some situations, certain business processes such as accounting, customer service and HR benefit from a classic, human-centred business environment with a strong workplace culture and ethos, and the Philippines is the perfect place to find your team.

High skills, low costs

A product of both the strong education system and principled culture, workers in the Philippines are highly-skilled, while the economy allows for outsourcing to be extremely cost-effective. Here at The Back Room, we recruit a variety of Filipino professionals including qualified accountants and bookkeepers, as well as admin, legal and sales and marketing staff to meet any outsourcing needs you might have.

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The highly qualified staff that work for us have well-recognised degrees and often years of experience in bigger firms or backgrounds in auditing.

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With a rich history, good education, beautiful culture and strong economy, the Philippines offers the global market a workforce unlike any other and the perfect environment for Business Process Outsourcing.

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