Here at The Back Room we are delighted to have clients dotted all around the globe. We recently spoke to one of our favourite clients on the East Coast of the US to catch up on how his team were faring. At the time of this discussion the world was managing a global pandemic and business owners are requiring good support and smart advice from their advisers. These are interesting times and this was an interesting chat!

We were introduced to our client through Marvin Galang from Double Rule. The Back Room and Double Rule have a strong alliance in the Philippines and in the States and this results in introductions such as these. It’s a small world!

Entrepreneurship meets accounting

What makes this client so interesting is that he has applied an entrepreneurial mindset to the world of accounting, and has taken a different approach than other firms in the USA. We love innovation, so things clicked right away.

The business was launched seven years ago and operates completely online. This means it offers accounting services and business advice to businesses all over the US, remotely. At the time this was innovative thinking and the icing on the cake was the use of Xero, which was relatively new to the US at the time. Most of the firm’s clients knew about Quickbooks Online, but Xero was just starting its North American journey. Now 90% of their clients are on Xero!

Niche markets

Carving out niche industries has also served the business well. Diversifying areas of expertise has proven to be smart, as some industries thrive in a Covid environment and some are enormously challenged. Being completely remote and not having all their eggs in one basket once again demonstrates some smart thinking that has insulated the company in these uncertain times.

Online business = work from anywhere

Because the business is completely online, the staff can operate from anywhere. Team members are spread from Wisconsin to Maryland to Pennsylvania, and now, with the introduction of The Back Room, all the way to the Philippines. Given this is how the firm had operated from day one, the new staff member slotted in beautifully. We discussed the time difference, and the fact that work is being produced through the night is helpful for the US-based team; they awake to completed tasks and ticked off ‘to-do’ lists!

Taking on a staff member with The Back Room has been seamless. Excellent systems, a team accustomed to working remotely and good communication have paved the way. They got on like a house on fire with Wayne and bringing on the new staff member has been pretty simple. The blending of cultures has been really great, especially enjoying constant celebrations and fun in the Philippines; there’s never a dull moment.

Here at The Back Room we are chuffed to find like-minded businesses owners, no matter where they live. Finding folks willing to do business differently completely appeals to us. Our global family is growing!

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