We asked TJ Massingill, Owner of Shazam Accounting, to share us about his experiences working with us here at The Back Room.

What was it like before you had our product or service?

“Before TBR, I was spending most of my time on tactical work instead of advisory & client relationships.”

What problem(s) were you trying to solve with our product or service?

“Bandwidth. I wanted to spend less time doing the day-to-day accounting & more time connecting with my clients.”

What made our service stand out from other options?

“Simplicity. Getting the benefits of a full-time employee without any of the administrative responsibilities (hiring, payroll, taxes, benefits, office space, IT, security, insurance, etc) sealed the deal.”

What made you happiest about working with our company?

“Communication & support. Wayne sets the tone from the top. I get continuous feedback from the team regarding performance, pay recommendations, holidays & available training. I feel very connected to TBR management.”

What about our business surprised you the most?

“How easy & secure it is to work every day with someone across the globe. I get all the benefits of a qualified full-time accounting resource with none of the fuss.”