We asked Ryan P Lynn,¬†Accounting Operations Manager at Aprio Cloud, to tell us about his experiences during a recent trip to the Philippines to meet Aprio’s offshore team at The Back Room.

Whats the best thing about The Back Room and its people?

“The best thing about The Back Room is their ability to recruit and hire talented and hardworking team members in the Philippines, give them the support they need to be successful, and foster a work environment that is fun and helps employees push for excellence. The people at The Back Room are really like a big family, which fosters an incredible work environment where everyone is comfortable and supported.”

How was your meeting with your Clark Team? How would you personally describe them?

“The meeting over the entire week with our Clark Team was one of the best experiences of my career and personal life. Our Back Room team is a central piece to our overall strategy and vision, coming here to meet our team in person has already been a catalyst for pushing our company forward toward realizing that vision.

“Our team has a great sense of humor and they’re a really tight-knit group. We have people at all different experience levels, so the more experienced members are there to help our newer members learn and grow – it’s a very supportive work environment that lets us know our team will continue to get even better over time.”

During your stay, what were your objectives/goals, and how did it help you and the team?

“My goal was to build a stronger personal relationship with each individual on our TBR team and also communicate more of our strategic action plans for building and developing our TBR team. These goals were achieved with a few lunches, some team meetings covering specific topics, one-on-one meetings with everyone on the team, and an after work team-building event at the end of the trip that really helped strengthen our overall team relationship.”

What was the most fun and memorable part during your visit in the Philippines?

“The most fun and memorable part of my trip was Friday afternoon team-building. After work on Friday, our whole team met at a Chili’s in the SM Clark Mall close to the office. We had an early dinner and afterward went to a local karaoke spot and did karaoke for a couple hours – this was one of the best team-building experiences of my career. It was the perfect end to a productive week.”

What awaits Aprio in the next coming months or so?

“In the coming months, Aprio will continue to grow with more projected hiring, and the development of new business units and revenue streams. These new opportunities will allow Aprio to provide new and interesting career opportunities, while also allowing our Strategic Advisors and CPAs to do and provide more for Aprio clients. We’re passionate about what’s next for our people, partners, and clients at Aprio. The development of our international teams, like TBR, is a crucial piece of our overall strategy in the coming months.”