There are a lot of opportunities in different sectors for a recent CPA graduate like me. The usual advice is to start getting your experience as an auditor. However, in the midst of ever-developing technology and globalization, the BPO industry started booming. Starting my career here I now realise that it’s better to deepen your accounting knowledge first before you can confidently audit financials or teach students.

Different factors must be considered in picking the right job. For me the most promising job is one where there’s work-life balance supported by the company; with continuous personal and career development; a company that knows and recognizes families and treats employees as human beings with different roles, and not as robots nor mere tools for increasing the company’s wealth.

It’s priceless to have time for yourself, friends, family, and for your faith. It’s more important to have an overall life harmony than to have a big title on career alone, because no matter how great one’s credentials and experiences might be, one moment can change everything. Job positions can always be replaced but not the precious time we spend with our loved ones. Livelihood to me means working for the present benefit and as an investment, not earning money for medication later in life just because you have abused your health while you were young.

For the six months I’ve been working at TBR, I can testify that I have that work-life balance. In fact, I mostly leave the office on the dot. In terms of health, I’m able to spend my break times with no pressure. Compared to when I was studying, I’m able to sleep and socialize more. Imagine not having to worry about work matters after work hours, I really feel that I’m free from the university days of homework and reviews.

Indeed, what I’ve read from various articles about the secret to employee effectiveness and efficiency is correct! The secret is work-life harmony emphasizing the domino effect of complete hours of sleep and good mood from quality time given for relationship-building. This is one of the discoveries that the BPO industry has started applying.

It’s also a good opportunity for me to be a part of a start-up BPO company where I can learn and witness how it grows and how it responds to changing demands. In terms of career development, I encounter different industries and types of business, though this depends on the client’s set-up to which one is assigned. Aside from knowing about New Zealand accounting, I have also become familiar with Xero software. I have become more equipped with learning supported through teamwork of both our offshore and onshore staff.

Lastly, I cannot fully describe my experience here without mentioning the big client to which I’m assigned to. I am grateful to be a part of this team. They have given me opportunity, time, and inspiration: opportunity for hiring me when I didn’t have experience, time to develop me to be fit for the tasks, and inspiration by challenging me to be more productive with sincere and direct evaluations. TBR really did well in choosing to build good relations with this client. Overall, I’m happy working here.