Lynley Pryde and the Findlay brothers go way back. Lynley started working for Wayne and Scott at their accounting firm, Findlay & Co, about 14 years ago, eventually taking over and buying their partner bookkeeping business, Launch Office Solutions in 2015. So it seemed like a natural progression for Lynley to team up with Wayne and Scott’s new outsourcing business, The Back Room, a couple of years later.

Lynley took on a bookkeeper, Laelyn Limpin, based at The Back Room office in Clark to help with her New Zealand clients and she’s never looked back. Even with the initial training process and the physical distance between Launch and their off-shore team member, the benefits are obvious.

Bookkeeping and more

Laelyn is a qualified and experienced bookkeeper and is able to handle most bookkeeping tasks required by Launch Office Solutions’ varied client base, including:

  • Accounts payable reports and reconciliations using Xero add-on, Lightyear
  • Cashflow reporting
  • Xero reconciliation
  • GST preparation and filing
  • PAYE filing
  • Using Excel for importing payroll files
  • Billing

“Laelyn is awesome. We have been really impressed with her willingness to learn, she is accurate and efficient with very good communication skills and deals directly with clients. She is tech savvy and uses initiative, is honest and completely reliable.”

In-house training

One of the many things that Lynley appreciates about working with The Back Room, is that they have in-house training systems in place for their off-shore team – both formal training programmes and informal training given by other team members as needed.

“It’s great to have Laelyn on the Launch team along with Mark and the Back Room team there for support.”

The Philippines culture

While the partnership between Launch Office Solutions and The Back Room has brought Launch numerous efficiencies and increased their work capacity, there are many added benefits that Lynley hadn’t anticipated.

“Filipinos have a great work ethic, are adaptable and eager to please. They’re a fun-loving country that are always celebrating and some of that attitude has rubbed off on us!

“I’ve enjoyed learning about their culture and I’m looking forward to going on holiday there sometime!”