Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) costs and how it works


Cost Structure

The cost structure is made up of a monthly Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) fee plus the hourly rate for your outsourced employees, charged at cost.

BPO Fee Inclusions:

Human resource management: we oversee staff on your behalf, do quarterly performance reviews and provide feedback back to you. We also make sure we adhere to the employment laws of the Philippines.

Software: we put in place the latest security software and help install other applications you need.

Training and Education: this is a big part of The Back Room, we take this seriously and have been approved as a CPD provider in the Philippines so a lot of our training sessions mean our employees can accumulate CPD credits.

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The hourly rates for your outsourced employees are charged at cost; i.e. there is no markup!

Best Practice Training (optional, one-off cost)

1 day (recommended) or ½ day training: initial induction at your office with one of our Back Room team to get systems and processes right for all employees. Excludes travel costs.

Other Costs

Set up fee, charged per employee, to cover costs of recruitment, hardware, and other set up costs. The recruitment fee is charged per employee on successful recruitment to you. We think recruiting the right person is the key to a successful outsourced operation and we take it very seriously which is why we take time to recruit the right person with skills required. The computers and other hardware we set up for each employee are all new and highly spec’ed, complete with two monitors, and noise-canceling headphones.

How It Works

Our model is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which means we set up your remote workforce in the Philippines as if they were working in your own office. Here’s how it works:

Your Own Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned an Account Manager to help you along the way. Your Account Manager is on hand to help you any time during your work with the team at The Back Room.

Establishing Your Needs

We will work closely with you to find out what you need. This helps us to match the most appropriate staff to your requirements. We also want to make sure that your firm is ready to manage an external workforce. In order to integrate workflow, streamline processes and manage your staff effectively, we get all the right tools in place.

​The On-Boarding Process

Our finely-tuned on-boarding process helps your internal staff work effectively with your outsourced professionals. We help you set up communication tools, workflow management systems and implement a step-by-step approach to monitoring performance. We provide training, including Xero certification for accounting staff, and on-hand assistance for on-going success.

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Workflow Management

We have perfected the process of workflow management. We use smart tools and checklists to seamlessly manage tasks and deadlines. Clever workflow management is the key to successful outsourcing. Our systems are world-class!

Monitoring for Success

When you are set up and work is underway, we have checks and balances in place. Our monthly reports – HR management reports, performance reviews and productivity reports – and our feedback help you monitor your progress.

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