What is Prepping?

Prepping, in accounting terms, is preparing the client’s files for End of Year Annual Accounts, and it is one of the keys to the success of our system. It is one of the core functions of the offshore team where it can cover up to 50% of the overall task.

Prepping solves the 3 biggest issues in Accounting today:

  1. Recruitment and Staff Retention
  2. Reducing Margins
  3. Reduced Capacity

Watch our video to learn about Prepping and how we can help your firm.

Our Pricing

  • An estimated amount of $200 for each Large Xero client with 15 to 25 employees, 10 to 20 new assets, 5 to 10 bank/loan accounts
  • $150 for each Medium Xero client with 1 to 14 employees, 5 to 9 new assets, 2 to 4 bank/loan accounts
  • $100 for each Small Xero client with Sole Trader Partnership/Trust no wages, low assets, and bank accounts

Minimum files per firm is 20 and for larger entities that fall outside scope, we can quote on a case by case basis.

Recruitment and Staff Retention

Most accountants think they have a staffing issue and can’t get all their work done, with Prepping, we can take up to 50% of this work away! See this video to see how this can be done.

Reducing Margins

Prepping can make you more money …. Don’t just let me tell you about it, let the numbers do the talking! Watch our video to learn how our Prepping Calculator works.

Reduced Capacity

Turnaround time on Accounting jobs can be dramatically reduced by prepping and this is going to increase your capacity. Download our brochure and read our case study to know how prepping solved this issue: Prepping Service.

Tbr Prepping Service

Next Steps

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