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Increasing capacity in your accounting firm

Wayne Findlay talked with Brannon Poe on The Accountants Flight Plan Podcast about how to increase capacity in your accounting firm. In the current remote working environment, outsourcing may be a better fit for your firm than ever.

Wayne talks specifically about why accountants would outsource, what an accounting firm could offshore, prepping, and the opportunities and threats facing the profession right now. Listen to the full podcast here:


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Resourcing for growth

Watch the webinar Resourcing for Growth with Wayne Findlay in association with Spotlight Reporting, which covers the benefits of outsourcing and how to get started with outsourcing.

Here are some of the highlights from the webinar.


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The Accounting Offshoring Show: the future of accounting

We are introducing our first Back Room session together with Ric Thorpe and Scott Findlay. Ric talks about how he works together with The Back Room and how he innovate in new technologies and services and what drives him to innovation.

Watch the full podcast here:


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