Often businesses view outsourcing as an interim solution to a task that can be completed more cost effectively when kept separate from precious internal resources. But when outsourcing is utilised well within a business, it can be so much more than that!

Here, we share an interesting perspective from our client Findlay Sidekick, who explain how their relationship with The Back Room has blossomed over the years and even changed some of their processes along the way.

Here’s what they have to say:

Staff retention creates stability

We have a particularly heavy senior level here at Findlay Sidekick, so we use The Back Room team for the majority of our compliance work, including preparation of dividends and tax forecasts. 

One of the noticeably important aspects of The Back Room is the exceptional rate of employee retention – we’ve been working with one accountant for over 5 years now! This means we liaise with the same accountants for the same projects, and the team become very adept at learning our clients and their individual ways/needs. The evidence of a happy, stable workplace certainly shines through in the quality of their work. 

Peer review process

Our working relationship with The Back Room is very stable now and their accountants have gained a high level of skill; so about a year ago we decided it was time to trial outsourcing our work to The Back Room for peer review.

When we’re unable to source NZ accountants to peer review our work, it’s outsourced to the junior accountants at The Back Room as a fresh pair of eyes. We’ve been very satisfied with the results – the trust we place in their team is well-deserved. We’ve recently brought it in as a formal process, bringing our team and The Back Room team together in both working dynamic and education.

The feeling’s mutual

We hope the peer review process contributes to the high staff retention rates – we believe The Back Room junior accountants are being given a fantastic opportunity to upskill as they learn more about NZ accounting practices, through NZ qualified accountants; a benefit they may not have elsewhere. It’s amazing to see that some of The Back Room team have now gained such a high level of experience, they are actually peer reviewing some our NZ graduate staff work!

We highly recommend incorporating outsourcing into your accounting practice if possible; it may surprise you just how beneficial it can be.

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