If you are an accounting firm manager or owner considering outsourcing staff, you may be curious as to what outsourcing looks like in real life. For example, how the off-shore team operates on a daily basis; how they are trained; and how they deal with the issues that arise.

To give you more insight to these questions, we sat down with one of our senior off-shore staff members, Miguel Serrano. Miguel started at The Back Room as an accountant for New Zealand-based Findlay & Co Accountants and is now our Training and Development Manager. We asked him about working at The Back Room in The Philippines and the off-shore office environment.

What is the team environment like at The Back Room?

The Back Room team work with different individual clients but we also work as one team. While we maintain a very high degree of confidentiality amongst client accounts, especially those who are in the same industry, we also make sure that each staff member has the opportunity to learn and grow through the help of his or her colleagues – be it a teammate or not.

Everyone in the office is supported by his or her colleagues and is not confined to communicate and learn from their own team alone (especially for those who have no team mates yet). This has been made possible because everyone who onboards at TBR is rigorously trained under one standard program.

We have broken the barriers not only among countries through the help of offshoring, backed up with the power of cloud technology, but also the barriers within the work environment, which truly marks TBR as one team moving in one direction, as one family.

​How does The Back Room support staff members?

Growth guaranteed 110%. We at The Back Room don’t sell people. We don’t sell seats either. We sell growth. We make sure that each team member grows on all aspects – career, knowledge, experiences, name it – as his or her client grows through the offshore model. Everyone should be progressing – if someone might be left behind others, TBR will always be there to assist. We believe in personal and professional development.

​What training systems are in place at The Back Room?

We have the two to five days standard onboarding training for every new staff member employed, which prepares them on the tasks that they are to do before they are to be endorsed to their respective client.

The New Zealand team conducts regular quarterly training as they visit the Philippines office. We also continuously coordinate with clients on the training needs of their team, which we address through regular Skype training sessions, one-on-one query assistance whenever they struggle on any aspect of their job task, to name a few.

We also support the continuing professional education (CPE) requirement by the Professional Regulations Commission of the Philippines for CPAs by coordinating with local training institutions to facilitate their CPE needs.

We take upskilling and training seriously and we feel this offers benefit to both our staff and our clients, it’s a win-win.

​More about off-shore staff training

As The Back Room continues to grow, we have developed rigorous, efficient training systems and a well-balanced team environment that supports both our clients and our off-shore team. Here is more information about our staff training systems:

Onboarding process
Staff training programmes
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