Many accounting firms want to set up an offshore accounting team but don’t know how to approach it, or what outcomes they could get from their team. We believe that successful outsourcing involves a structured approach to the staff and client on-boarding process to integrate the on- and off-shore teams.

Since The Back Room directors, Wayne & Scott, set up an off-shore team for their successful accounting firm, Findlay & Co, seven years ago, weve learnt a great deal. Weve come to understand that a finely-tuned on-boarding process ultimately ensures internal staff can work effectively with outsourced staff.

Innovative communication, workflow management systems and other cloud tools, as well as a step-by-step approach to people management and monitoring performance are all part of this process.

Here are some of The Back Rooms key on-boarding strategies.

Smart Tools

Were always looking at ways to innovate and be more efficient, that is why we choose online accounting software, Xero, and other cloud-based management and communication tools.

Cloud accounting – a key benefit of using Xero is it is very easy to set up and on-board offshore teams for an accounting firm. Our team in the Philippines live and breathe Xero. We provide training, including Xero certification for all off-shore accounting staff. Our team use it daily and have a depth of understanding which means that its easy to integrate new personnel and to get them up to speed quickly.

Video we use our own video induction programmes using ProProfs Knowledge Management Software.

Workflow management for the onboarding of new clients we utilise to manage the team’s checklists and procedures.

People Management

Recruitment – hiring of, and liaison with new candidates takes place in our Philippines office, led by our Philippines management and senior staff. All new employees undergo in-house induction and basic training before they are handed over to clients.

More about recruitment

Best practice training – we offer the option of a Best Practice training consultation where we share what works well in terms of processes and communication.

More about best practice training pricing

More information

If you’d like to know more about outsourcing for your accounting business, please read our white papers or get in contact.

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