Martyn Taylor

Meet Martyn Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Back Room Offshoring. With over 20 years of international operations and project management experience, Martyn joined BRO to help build upon its success in the coming years as the global outsourcing industry continues to grow. 

With expertise in operations and a diverse background in finance, technology, and global work environments, his unique skill set allows him to leverage technology to drive operational efficiencies and expand organizational capacity.  

Martyn in The Back Room 

In 2022, Martyn focused on enhancing BRO’s scalability to prepare for its continued high growth and global expansion.  The company made significant progress in optimizing systems, launching new verticals, and expanding its presence in North America.  Furthermore, BRO expanded its operations by launching a second office in Davao City, Philippines, late in 2022.  For 2023, Martyn’s focus has shifted towards increasing sales, especially in the US market, and expanding labor capacity through new office openings in other foreign markets.    

In the first year under his leadership, BRO headcount increased by approximately 80%.  Despite the growth – and increase in new hires working from home or in a hybrid set-up – high employee satisfaction and retention rates have been steady and company culture has remained intact.  

Featured in CEO Insights Asia 

He was recently featured in CEO Insights ASIA, as one of the “Top 10 Best COOs in Philippines 2023”. CEO Insights ASIA is a leading business magazine in Asia, with a reach of over 76,386 qualified print and 486,000 digital subscribers across Asia. The magazine highlighted Martyn’s accomplishments and distinctive perspectives on career and business, solidifying his position as a respected leader and serving as an inspiration for others in the industry. 


Martyn’s career has been driven by his thirst for unique experiences.  He believes that each job or travel opportunity adds a new chapter to the book of his life, with the goal of creating a memorable and fulfilling “story”. For him, fulfilling work that makes a significant impact and allows for personal and professional growth is crucial.  Martyn’s success mantra is “… to become a little bit smarter & wiser every day, with the hope that these small gains will add up to big improvements over time.” 

In conclusion

Martyn Taylor’s journey as a leader showcases the importance of seeking unique experiences, embracing personal growth, and making a positive impact in the business world. As the COO of Back Room Offshoring, he has played an instrumental role in the company’s growth and success. By following Martyn’s insights and advice, budding leaders can navigate their own paths to success while making a lasting impact on their organizations and employees.