Marvin Galang is described as a thought leader, a visionary and a mentor. He has been largely influential in the adoption of Xero in Asia; he is a champion of the brand and has led the way in accounting technology. Marvin likes to disrupt the status quo and think differently about business. He looks for the opportunity in any situation and has the ability to capitalise on unique sets of circumstances and conditions. His passion for both tech and accounting underpins his ventures.

Marvin Galang Portrait

Marvin is the founder of JuanTax, a cloud-based tax software system based in the Philippines, which automatically calculates, generates and electronically files data and forms to the BIR. Using his extensive skills in both accounting and information technology, he started Double Rule, an accounting firm in the United States that combines the concepts of both cloud-based systems and accounting, and is dedicated in helping start-ups thrive and adapt using today’s technology.

Partnership with TBR

Here at The Back Room we have partnered with Marvin to manage growth and capitalise on opportunities within his business, Double Rule. The firm grew rapidly in the States; the business was thriving and growing, and was servicing three of the top CPA firms. The success meant Marvin looked to map out the next 6 to 10 years of growth and he knew this would take quality resources and exceptional systems.

One thing Wayne, Scott and Marvin all had in common was that they were Chartered Accountants with a penchant for innovation. Their values, interests and motivations aligned, creating the basis for a perfect partnership. With a view to using technology as the basis for business model innovation, The Back Room and Double Rule have a thriving business relationship, set to grow in the future.

Big vision

Marvin is a great example of an accountant who got out of the cubicle and literally made the world his playground. We asked him what his vision is for the next generation of accountants. He said, “Just like any other job, the ability and the opportunity for them to learn something that not every type of industry is able to give them; the amount of knowledge that they can absorb while they’re still young, they have to take advantage of that. Learning is a life-long process, and with the market that you’re serving in the BPO industry, the amount of knowledge that you are able to gain will increase your long-term value.”

We are looking forward to learning alongside Marvin and his team. We love his big ideas and we are delighted to be in partnership with such a revolutionary thinker and smart operator. Here’s to the future!

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