Here at The Back Room were used to the idea of remote working. Even though our Philippines staff usually work from a large office in Clark’s economic hub, our teams work remotely from their overseas-based clients. So we are well versed in the use of cloud technology that enables efficient communication and teamwork spanning the globe.

When COVID-19 enforced lockdown on our team in the Philippines in mid-March, we had to take the remote work concept a step further: working from home! In terms of systems and client communication, having our team members work from home was an easy transition, and it brought many additional benefits (see our recent blog). However, like so many employees around the world are finding, working from home in lockdown has given us a few challenges.

We asked some of our team members how they are finding lockdown and working from home.

Kim – Marketing Administrator: maximizing work time & fun time

Kim Marketing Administrator (1)Everything’s working well for me during lockdown and working from home. One of the challenges I’ve experienced so far is the hot weather since it’s summer. I would also admit that there are times I lose focus, but thanks to coffee and a little bit of self-encouragement, I always make sure I’m back on track! (Thanks to the management and admin team as well for keeping me motivated every day!)

I must say that there are also benefits like saving time and money, and of course, let’s not forget the security and safety of staying at home. What I like most about working from home is being able to maximize my time, both with work and other extracurricular activities. There are times I overwork myself but it’s fulfilling.

I’m just thankful that I have my job, we’re surviving, and we’re doing fine. That’s definitely something to be grateful for.

Kenneth – Accountant: missing Starbucks!

Kenneth Accountant

I’m finding lockdown good so far.  When it comes to work productivity, I’m still the same since I have fast internet.

Plus there’s no need to travel to work, saving time.

The hot weather has made it harder. Once in a while you want to see other people and order Starbucks!



Irish – Website & Marketing Specialist: productivity benefits

Irish Website And Marketing Specialist (1)

I find the lockdown and working from home convenient in some ways. I can be with my family most of the time and I am able to concentrate more on my work.

There are also quite a few challenges I am experiencing during the current situation. Sometimes, when I am immersed in working, I forget that it is already time to log out!

I also miss mingling with my colleagues but other than that, everything is working very well for me.

Karl – Junior Accountant: convenience vs distraction

Karl Junior Accountant (1)Working from home has enabled us to save some time commuting to the office. Also since our schedule was adjusted from 7am to 6am, we are able to have an additional hour with our clients who are in an earlier time zone. This is great when there are queries unclear to us, we have extra time to contact our clients.

One challenge I am encountering with working from home is the presence of distractions. I have to fully concentrate on my jobs against loud noises such as dogs barking and noise from the television.

A benefit of WFH is that when we forgot something work-related, we can always turn the computer on and start reconciling workpapers no matter what the time is.

Lockdown continues

Lockdown life goes on in the Philippines and our team will continue working from home until about June. In the meantime, were committed to improving the working from home experience, efficient communication with clients, and ongoing productivity.

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