Ok, we are going to make this quick so you can get back to productive work quickly. Some suggestions off the top of our heads…..here goes.

Open workspaces

Not for the faint of heart. If you have an open work environment we suggest getting some rules in place. Dedicated quiet time is a smart idea and making sure there are private office folks can go to to make phone calls or chat. We suggest getting to know the introverts amongst the group; this is not an environment conducive to folks who are sensitive to noise and social activity. Let these people know it is ok to go find a quite space to work.


Make a list and put the toughest thing at the top. Tick them off for ultimate satisfaction! If there is something you are avoiding plan a mini reward once achieve. More often than not these tasks are never as bad as they seem in the first place.

Get up, stand up

Work in 40-minute intensive sessions, then get up, walk around, rest and get back into it. A brisk walk round the block at 3pm instead of a coffee or chocolate bar will do you wonders!

Chat tools

Use smart tools. Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp. All save time, less emails means more productivity, promise.

Quiet time

Have dedicated quiet time in the office, a two-hour block where people cannot interrupt one another. Genius! It is tricky to concentrate and find that sense of flow or workflow with constant interruptions. Dedicated quite times means staff can plan to attack certain projects, with uninterrupted headspace.

​Read something to reset

Need a little brain rest? Open up a favourite blog and find something meaningful to engage your brain with. Try to learn something and not just scroll scroll scroll through social…..you are welcome.

Track your progress

List, calendars and diaries are helpful to ensure you feel a sense of achievement. Although the list is constantly growing, take quick peak back at what you have a achieved, take a breath and move on.

Knock it on the head

If you have run out of steam for the day, feel uninspired or un-energised, move to a calm task to see out the day. Something that needs less creativity, less concentration, something of less consequence but is still productive. Filing and tidying are ok by me. Start fresh in the morning.

On that note, we are out. Cheers, good luck nailing it tomorrow!

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