The generation that’s grown up playing video games, spends the most time shopping online, and uses social media more habitually than any other generation? Millennials, right? Wrong! Sure the Millennial generation has dominated the media focus for the past decade, but it’s actually Gen X that we’re talking about here!

Let’s bring you up to speed with the different generations and how they fit into the workplace. Here are some resources gathered by Edrian Paul Martin, Training and Development Associate.

Generation X (Gen X / X’ers)

Gen fact! 1% of the staff in The Backroom are X’ers

  • Born between 1965 and 1979
  • Typically forgotten by the media, despite rising power in the workplace
  • Loves social media. Eighty-one percent have Facebook accounts (2018), which they use more for keeping up with news and their kids than for self-promotion
  • First generation to experience the emergence of music videos as teenagers and are sometimes called the MTV Generation

X’ers’ attitude towards the workplace

  • Values work/life balance: Gen X’ers appreciate the fun in the workplace and espouse a work hard/play hard mentality
  • Flexible: They adapt well to change and are tolerant of alternative lifestyles
  • Technologically adept: A common characteristic of Gen X’ers is their comfort level with PDAs, smartphones, email, laptops, tablets and other technology employed in the legal workplace

One of The Back Room’s few Gen X’ers, Marg Gimpel, talks about her favourite cloud business technologies.

Generation Y (Millennials)

Gen fact! Did you know that 41% of the staff in The Backroom are millennials?

  • Born between 1980 and 1994
  • Change jobs more often than other generations. About 21 percent of millennials report switching jobs within one year (2019) and 60 percent are open to a different opportunity
  • Makes up the fastest growing segment of the workforce

Millennials’ attitude towards the workplace

  • Achievement-oriented: Nurtured and pampered by parents who didn’t want to make the mistakes of the previous generation, millennials are confident, ambitious and achievement-oriented
  • Team-oriented: They value teamwork and seek the input and affirmation of others
  • Tech-savvy: Millennials grew up with technology and they rely on it to perform their jobs better. Armed with smartphones, laptops and other gadgets, this generation is plugged in 24/7

The Back Room’s training and development manager, Gen Y’er, Miguel Paulo Serrano talks about  Accountants vs AI.

Generation Z (iGen)

Gen fact! 58% of the population in The Backroom were born in Generation Z!

  • Born between 1995 and 2015
  • On track to surpass previous generations as the most diverse and the most educated
  • First true “digital natives”

iGens’ attitude towards the workplace

  • Values work/life blend: Their work and life blends together 24/7
  • Their high-tech minds don’t trump human needs: Generation-Z is the first fully digital generation, and yet, they yearn for human interaction at work
  • Making Privacy a Priority: While millennials push for open workspaces, Gen Z would rather share socks than office space

One of The Back Room’s iGen, Yvonne Candelaria debunks some of the myths surrounding Gen Z.

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