Have you fallen in love with working from home? This forced period of working remotely no doubt has had its challenges but there are so many upsides! Let’s talk about those and how you and your staff can keep remote work in the mix, or at least work from home some of the time. There are so many great things about it, it is worth taking a look!


During these last few weeks in lockdown, 17% of people have reported being more productive in their work when working from home. Many people would have also been balancing kids, pets and partners in the mix, but in general, fewer interruptions, quiet spaces and solid blocks of work time seem to be constructive.

This Rescue Time blog says:

  • Remote workers are 20% more likely to say they complete all their daily tasks every or most days
  • People who work from home are 17% more likely to leave work “feeling accomplished about what they set out to do”
  • Only 39% of remote workers say they work for 8 hours or more per day, compared to 60% of office workers

Healthy balance

Working from home means no commute, so for many this has meant increased time for exercise. Anecdotally there seemed to be an increase in deliberate exercise and healthy eating. NZ researchers from Massey, Lincoln and Canterbury universities are helping to coordinate a global survey to understand what is going on. It seems on the face of it that people have had more time to plan in some form of exercise and they are taking the opportunity to get fit or keep fit. The good news is that this helps with productivity, quality of work and wellbeing.

If only the office wasn’t so close to the fridge!

Keep good employees

As we emerge from lockdown, business owners will want to be highly efficient and effective with their staff. Quality staff will have risen to the top during this period and it makes sense to keep hold of them. One option to discuss may be that of continuing to work from home or at least one or two days a week. Providing this option may help you to hang on to the good ones!

Time well spent

No commuting time, less meetings and fewer interruptions make a very good case for working remotely. Tools such as Slack and Zoom keep the team connected and communications efficient. Not dressing formally each day is a relief.

If you strike the right balance of time in and out of the office, workers will be able to balance their work and life beautifully. Staying connected socially by spending some time in the office might be important too, but a good balance could be the key to managing a very productive and happy workforce.

So as we emerge from lockdown, now might be a good time to broach the subject with your employees or the boss. The situation has been a good test and a comfortable work-life balance may be good for the future.

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