In a previous blog Global teams connect!, we mentioned how we connect our Philippines-based offshore teams with their BPO clients in New Zealand, Australia, or the US, to significantly reduce the barriers between seas. This is how our teams create a bond. Not only do they become familiar with the company’s business culture and working operations, but they continually learn, adapt and experience new and extensive progress and discover what their companies have yet to offer.

Keeping your team informed and updated with your company’s growth and development and other latest updates about your firm is a way to empower and encourage your employees.

In this blog, we take a closer look out how BPO clients can continually upskill their offshore staff while developing a positive working relationship together. We also look at how two of our larger New Zealand based accounting clients have created a stronger bond with their respective offshore teams.

Hands-on training and one-on-one interview

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A hands-on training programme can induce participation and can deliver a greater return on your investment while employees retain and apply what they learn in their training. It helps in nurturing an employee’s potential and in measuring an increase in their skills as well. When employees undergo functional training, they master a new skill set or a particular work routine that they can put into practice.

A one-on-one interview is also beneficial to both sides. When employers listen and get deep and involved, it brings out the natural side of an employee where both can openly discuss and resolve performance concerns and work attitude and not just generally talk about the technicality of work. Aside from getting to know your employees, you can also track their progress towards achieving their goals which is an advantage for both. Conducting a one-on-one interview is a push and pull meeting about addressing one’s goals, complaints, and praises that can be heard and resolved properly.

Global teams coming together

The Back Room recently welcomed two of its notable clients both on the second week of July – Charlotte and Tracey from Yovich & Co Chartered Accountants, and Gwen, a Filipino from Alliott NZ accountants – with their respective teams. The Clark teams were fortunate to have the rest of the working week with their clients doing hands-on training, one-on-one interview and bonding.

Pamela Valdez (a new addition to the team) from Yovich, and the team from Alliot, answered a few questions and shared their actual experiences during their client’s visit.

Meeting Charlotte and Tracey from Yovich

Pamela Valdez Junior Accountant

How was your meeting with Charlotte and Tracey?

The client visit was fulfilling for both ends. At first, we were very stiff, then we eventually became more of ourselves. Dealing with Charlotte and Tracy had been easy since they have a heart for Filipinos. They are open to having a glimpse of our culture. In fact, they even tried Filipino food. Aside from the fun it gave, meeting them served as a good chance for the team to learn more about Yovich. They told us new things about the company and the people comprising it. To wrap up, this visit made us feel that we are part of Yovich.  

Yovich Team Welcome Charlotte And Tracey

What was the best part of your training?

The best part for me was the training and the one-on-one interview for each staff member. For the training, they were able to let those persons who specialise with each topic discuss it with us. They clearly explained to us while we were in contact through a video call. The time was also used to raise questions or any clarifications from our end. And lastly, the interview – it was intended to flag things that needed improvement. It was very fruitful since the team, together with Charlotte and Tracy, were able to come up with a plan. Tracy also made efforts to connect us with our respective managers through a video call.

What’s your most fun and memorable experience with Charlotte and Tracey?

The most fun and memorable experience for me was when we tried bowling. It was my first time playing so I had no idea how it worked.

Yovich Team Visit Collage

Also, the dinner we had was notable. It gave us the opportunity to know more about each other. Charlotte and Tracy were able to talk about things outside work. They shared stuff about New Zealand, our directors and managers, and even some of their personal lives.

Meeting Gwen from Alliott

Alliot Team Meet Gwen

How was your meeting with Gwen?

Some of us have already met Gwen when she visited us last February 2018. It was great to meet her personally, especially for the team members who had only met her through Skype/Slack. It was a pleasure to hear her stories about all things New Zealand and the Alliott team. We felt like we have met the whole NZ team as well! ?

 Alliot Team

What was the best part of your training?

Aside from Backroom’s training, our client, Alliott NZ Ltd is very commendable on how they develop staff and their concern about our individual growth as team members. Our one-on-one training experience with Gwen added to this notable quality. We appreciate Gwen, even more, when we get to discuss queries more extensively in person. She is very knowledgeable in accounting, taxation, and things about New Zealand. Indeed, someone to look up to!

What’s your most fun and memorable experience with Gwen?

Alliot Team Lunch

Our memorable experience is our bonding time during lunch and break-time. Filipinos are known for their enthusiasm for food that’s why we really enjoyed eating together and sharing meals especially the Filipino food that Gwen misses. We also took this opportunity to get to know each other more. We also went bowling and discovered some of us had a knack for it. ? Everything was fun!

Alliot Team Dinner

 We are grateful for Gwen for managing us because it feels like we have an older sister who makes sure everything is okay. She is very nice, considerate, approachable and someone you can depend on. We appreciate the effort and time she spends on our career growth.


The Alliott PH team can’t wait to meet the whole NZ team pretty soon! We’ve heard they are a nice bunch!

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