The Philippines is rapidly gaining popularity with tourists seeking an adventure off the well-beaten path through South-East Asia. However the tropical island getaway is also a quiet-overachiever when it comes to business opportunities. Here are our top five little-known facts about the Philippines that make it an ideal place for conducting business.

English is widely spoken

While Filipino is the national language of the Philippines, English is also an official language. Alongside Filipino, the archipelago boasts an additional 100+ indigenous languages and dialects, and with a complex history of occupation and influence from countries such as Spain, Japan and the United States, the Philippines is a whirlwind when it comes to verbal communication.

However, the history of western influence has ensured that English is not only widely spoken by over 90% of the population, but the English proficiency is high, making business dealings for those seeking outsourcing opportunities a whole lot easier. Indeed, English is the officially designated “Business Language”, dispelling any concerns about communication in international business.

Post Millennial Team At The Back Room

The Philippines belongs to the post-millennials

The population in the Philippines is one of the youngest in the world. Over 30% of the Filipino population are under the age of 15. While social welfare and pensions become key issues in countries where the percentage of the population closing in on retirement is rapidly expanding, the Philippines is yet to reach its golden age.

With a young population poised to take over the workforce and provide consistency and stability to long-term outsourcing relationships, the future of the Philippines belongs to the post-millennials.

Hassle-free visits with visa-on-arrival policy

With strong international relations and welcoming immigration policies, the Philippines offers visa-free entry to visitors travelling on one of over 150 different foreign passports. A stay of 30 days is granted upon arrival to those travelling for business or tourism, making popping in-and-out to catch up with corporate affairs as easy as a holiday.

Philippines City

Entire cities are being erected for international business

Hidden behind the tourism images of a breathtaking island nation, rich in natural resources and famed for volcanoes, rainforests and beaches, the Philippines is quietly building the cities that are fast-becoming the next major hub for international business.

Clark is one such city being purpose-built to provide the infrastructure, resources and workforce to cater to all of your Business Process Outsourcing needs. Located less than an hour from Manila, this 21st century powerhouse is home to The Back Room’s offices in the Philippines and offers incredible opportunities for off-shore operations.

Philippine Flag

Poised to become the “next big thing”

Not content with dominating the international business scene, the Philippines is also primed to become a major Asian player in the tourism and expatriate sectors. Tourism is on the rise while expatriates are drawn to the immeasurable opportunities to achieve a cost-effective lifestyle and capitalise on the opportunities for entrepreneurship.

The attraction of the Philippines as a place to live, work and play is evident, but if you’re not interested in leaving your couch, the Business Process Outsourcing opportunities available are the perfect way to get in on the action.

If you’re ready to create a space for your business in the growing Filipino outsourcing industry, get in touch with us at The Back Room, or check out more about us.

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