So you’re thinking of outsourcing business processes? With so many options available, finding a reputable outsourcing partner to work with can be challenging. To help you get started, here are our five most important questions to ask a potential business process outsourcing (BPO) company.

1. Can you cater to my needs?

The most important question to answer is whether a potential outsourcing company can actually meet your needs. Some Business Process Outsourcing companies may specialise in certain fields such as accounting and finance, so choose a service that suits your requirements. Assess their product offerings, and determine how they will achieve your goals.

A reputable company will be able to explain their process to you and offer a clear structure for how they can help you meet your outsourcing needs.

2. What is your track record with outsourcing?

Before you go any further, look into the company’s reputation. What is their track record with outsourcing? Can they provide testimonials? Investigate how long they have been in business. Companies that started the business after developing a BPO offering to meet their own outsourcing needs are likely to have a track record of personal experience and a strong understanding of their clients’ needs.

​3. What are the potential cost savings?

One of the primary goals of outsourcing is to achieve valuable savings through cost efficiencies. These cost efficiencies are often realised as the product of the difference between two national economies. A renowned company will be able to offer a transparent breakdown of costs, and you may even be able to use a calculator to get an immediate snapshot of the potential savings from outsourcing.

​4. How does it work?

Now that you’ve determined outsourcing is definitely the route for you, find out how it works. Using the Business Process Outsourcing model, an outsourcing company will set up your remote workforce as if they were working in your own office. Ask a potential outsourcing company to breakdown this service for you. Look for included features such as:

  • A needs assessment
  • Your own dedicated account manager
  • A finely-tuned onboarding process
  • Workflow management tools
  • Monitoring and monthly reports.

​5. How can I get started?

If you’re interested in getting started with Business Process Outsourcing, follow these links to learn more about The Back Room and the complete services we offer. We have all the answers you’re looking for!

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