John (back left) and the IOCA team

Our Philippines-based offshore accounting staff tell us that doors opened for them when they started working at The Back Room, no pun intended! (You can read some of our staff stories here.) Perhaps none more so than one particular young accountant in our team, John Matias.

John started working at The Back Room in April. His client is the New Zealand tech-savvy accounting firm, Invisible Office Chartered Accountants (IOCA). Not only was John thrilled to be working for such a modern, dynamic and fun firm, he was doubly thrilled to be given the opportunity to travel to Middle Earth, New Zealand, to meet his client in-person, and then travel on to Brisbane for Xerocon.

We sat down with John to ask him about his experience.

Whats the best thing about working for IOCA?

To be honest, there’s heaps of good things, but when you say best, it should just be the “best” aye? They are more than just an accounting firm, they are driven by the belief of “going beyond the business”. And that’s the best thing about them! They forge real and personal connections to staff and clients alike. That way, we have a sense of connectivity, to better implement our service and to raise staff motivation.

Why do you think they chose The Back Room for outsourcing?

My client and Wayne Findlay (TBR Director) are good friends and I believe Daryl probably saw the potential benefits of outsourcing from a growing firm with a compassionate leader.

What did you do on your trip to New Zealand?

I did a lot and it was really fun! Most of it was training and getting to know the team better. We had several tours across the wonders of “Middle Earth”. I hiked in the mountains, dipped in the springs, visited the farms and so much more. It was really an explosive experience that they’ve given me!

Explosive trip to Xerocon

Making new friends in New Zealand

Explosive trip to Xerocon

In IOCA’s hometown – the summit of Mt Maunganui. “Meeting the sunrise at the summit was particularly great. Worth the deadly hike lol.”

Explosive trip to Xerocon

No trip to NZ is complete without donning a pair of gumboots and going kiwi spotting!

Explosive trip to Xerocon

….or trying your hand at milking cows!

What did you learn from Xerocon?

Honestly, I learned a lot! As someone new to Xero, it’s really great to have this sudden broadening of perspectives. Makes you think a lot more beyond your box. There were a couple of motivational speakers from Silicon Valley. They were very inspiring to listen to.

Explosive trip to Xerocon

Being tourists with Matt at The Wheel of Brisbane

Explosive trip to Xerocon

Souvenir shopping in Brisbane

What do you like about working with Xero?

I love its simplicity, ease of access, and most importantly, it’s in the cloud! It allows you to view your accounts online and is very convenient as a result. It’s about simplicity and making the language of accounting universal.

Whats your favourite thing about The Back Room?

It’s the sense of connection that you are part of the team! It is in this environment that we thrive in efficiency. With no stress to bar us, we are able to work seamlessly.

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