By Eunice Rico with assistance from Yvonne Candelaria and Miguel Serrano

A four-leaf clover it must be for the career-driven individuals who get the opportunity to “travel to work and work to travel”. Eunice Rico, intermediate accountant, found it with us here at The Back Room, Clark headquarters in the Philippines.

Good as gold!

After three weeks of working with us, Eunice received the exciting news of being sent to the Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) to take part and learn the real-time operations of one of our clients—Sorted Logistics. Located in Christchurch, Sorted Logistics, fondly known as “Sorted”, is a large logistics company.

Eunice stayed with Sorted from 12 October to 1 November 2018 for some essential and relevant training sessions and to personally meet the New Zealand team.

We asked her to share some of the photos she had taken during her stay and some fun and heart-warming stories behind each one.

She described the trip using a classic Kiwi idiom: “good as gold!”

The accounts team

“Meet my guardian angels who guided me and trained me very well during my visit with Sorted. Starting from the leftmost is George, the accounts assistant whom I can describe as someone too cool for the job. Training never felt exhausting at all because of her exuberant attitude in mentoring me through the relevant processes I needed to learn.

“Meanwhile, Lana, the one on my right is the finance manager whom I unintentionally stressed out during my first day when I made her look for me as she did not know I was with another group. She is undeniably a great mentor because of her genuine and warm personality. She made sure that I was comfortable in the office and that every process that I was engaged in was handed to me with clarity.

“And, last but definitely not the least, is Sheila, a Filipina senior accountant – my ‘ate’ (older sister in Filipino) in NZ. She took good care of me during my whole stay in NZ.

“I am sincerely grateful to have met great people. The old adage goes, ‘no pain, no gain’ but with them, I felt like I did nothing but gain (knowledge, experience, friends, etc.), all without the pain. Lucky would be an understatement.”

Delivering travel and work experience - the Sorted way

Rewi, the IT boss

“I had already heard stories of Rewi as soon as I started with The Back Room. So just imagine the excitement I felt to finally meet this cool guy in person. Aside from being one of the directors, his extensive experience and knowledge of the industry already speaks volumes that he is undoubtedly an IT genius!

“This photo was taken during my last day. Obviously, Rewi and I have a huge height difference but luckily enough, no one had to make the sacrifice of either squatting down or, in my case, standing on a chair so we could have a fully body shot.

“PS: Oh, and take a moment to appreciate Rewi’s baby picture in the background.

“On a side note, unfortunately I missed having a picture with Kris, one of the other directors of Sorted.”

Delivering travel and work experience - the Sorted way

Hands down the best ‘all-hands’ event

“It had been joked about by colleagues long before my trip that it will be a necessity for me to take a ‘FRAGILE’ signboard when I met the whole Sorted team. Why? Because, rest assured, I will be overshadowed in terms of height! But that did not pressure me much because when I finally met them all on my second day in NZ, everyone was as welcoming as the first few people I met from the accounts department.

“This photo was taken during our all-hands event which was the official launch of Sorted’s learning center. Frankly, you will probably have a hard time finding me in this photo!

“On a another note, I love how Sorted values its employees as they invest in their growth. I know I will grow with this client, maybe not literally in terms of height, but specifically in terms of knowledge and skills in handling my tasks for the organization.”

Delivering travel and work experience - the Sorted way

Labour Day sightseeing

“One of the events I was fortunate to experience during my stay in Christchurch was the Labour Day Holiday. This holiday turned out to be just like the typical labour day celebrations in other countries -many workers in New Zealand take time off to relax and enjoy their spare time.

“However, it was made significant to me having been taken under the care of Sheila, joining their family on a road trip to the tallest mountain in NZ, Mt. Cook. This photo was taken along the highway where we stopped to witness the majestic and pristine view.”

Delivering travel and work experience - the Sorted way

Holiday, hooray!

“It’s no surprise that Sheila’s family can’t be more of a typical Filipino household when even her kids showered me with their hospitality. Meet my two angel companions in NZ—Macoy and Aile! Macoy used to call me Ate 2 since he already used that term to refer to his older sister, Aile.

“This photo was taken during our journey to Mt. Cook. What more of a fun way to kill time but to goof around and take selfies, right? We met new friends on our way such as alpaca, sheep, cows and many more. I will surely miss these two and I’m looking forward to seeing them both again.”

Delivering travel and work experience - the Sorted way

Vantage point at Lake Tekapo

“Words are futile in describing this place! Although I had to make an effort to surpass the bed of big rocks, it was worth a shot to capture such a picturesque view. I caught myself in so much awe that I just wanted to resign my eyes to watch this beautiful place for as long as I could manage.

“I do not even know how to start expressing my earnest gratitude for having been endowed with the opportunity to witness the beauty of NZ whilst accelerating my knowledge in my chosen career.”

Delivering travel and work experience - the Sorted way

Auckland bound

“A short but memorable one, that is how I will describe my Auckland stroll. Since there was no direct flight from Christchurch to Manila, I needed to fly first to Auckland then Auckland to Manila. I waited for 10 hours in Auckland before my flight to Manila and fortunately my high school friend was there, too.

“We strolled around and went up to the Sky Tower and had a scrumptious dinner. You can see a little glimpse of Auckland in this picture. Albeit the brevity of the reunion, it is definitely one for the books and a vibrant highlight of this NZ trip.”

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