Our Banklink Conversion Service will help you convert from Banklink to Xero Ledger or Xero Cashbook. This includes planning the conversion, setting up a master chart of accounts, going through the Xero set-up wizard, and importing coded transactions.

Banklink Conversions to Xero

Convert from Banklink to Xero to keep consistency in your practice.

How the Service Works

Initial Scoping – We look at how many Banklinks, types of conversions, and whether the transfer is to Xero Ledger or Xero Cashbook

Quote and AcceptanceWe send a proposal and get acceptance on engagement

ConversionWe do the job in a timely manner with regular updates on progress

Post Conversion Check-Up and FeedbackIt is important to get regular feedback and follow up on post engagement

Ledger Conversion

Includes opening balances and fixed assets

  1. Ledger and Fixed Assets
  2. Ledger and no Fixed Assets

Cashbook Conversion

Opening balances and fixed assets, current data from last year-end to current time

  1. Ledger and Fixed Assets
  2. Ledger and no Fixed Assets

Outside of Scope

We reserve the right to charge for larger conversions outside of the scope of a normal conversion, on a case by case basis.

Post Conversion

  • Bookkeeping Service – can use one of our experienced Xero Bookkeepers on a competitive rate for further work.
  • Prepping Servicegetting started with Xero can take some time and use up internal resources, use our Prepping Service to get that time back and get a kick start with Xero. See our brochure on Prepping Service.

Next Steps

Contact Wayne or Scott to enquire.