For many businesses outsourcing is a great solution to work faster and more efficiently, for less. If you are new to outsourcing, or have been holding back, then you may have encountered some of the common misconceptions about outsourcing.

With more and more companies of all sizes looking to business process outsourcing (BPO) for business support, we look to debunk some of the common myths.

Myth #1: You will lose control of your business

Fact: Using an outsourced provider can actually give you the time to focus on what really matters most for your business.

Passing over control of part of your business to someone else can feel daunting. But contrary to many beliefs, outsourcing can actually provide more control – it just shifts the flow of information.  A good outsourcing partner is one that is transparent and keeps the reins firmly in your hands. They work from your documentation and follow your protocol.   It’s true that the team might be working half a world away, but you will have the same control that you do if they are just down the hallway.

Transparency and the remote workforce

Myth #2:  Outsourcing is only for big companies

Fact: Outsourcing is perfect for any size of business from start-ups and SMEs to large companies.

When you think of outsourcing it’s easy to imagine big customer service centres in a far-off country.  And in the beginning, this was the case – large companies hired hundreds, or thousands, of staff offshore for customer support and manufacturing needs.  But BPO, like most industries, has progressed.  Nowadays, there are many companies providing services for small to medium sized enterprises, providing them with the technology, talent, efficiency and economies of scale to rival that of more prominent companies.

Myth #3: Data and security breaches are rampant

Fact: Data security is a problem in all businesses and in fact your outsourced data may well be more secure.

Data security and security of financial information is a common concern – and a valid one.  But it is not unique to outsourcing – many major on-shore companies have faced corporate issues of this nature.  In fact, the security of your data should be one of the highest priorities for your outsourcing company and you. By setting up the right security protocols in the first place your data is likely to be more secure.

Four steps to secure outsourcing

Myth #4: Cultural, language and time zone differences make outsourcing too much hassle

Fact: Gone are the days when outsourcing meant navigating through language and cultural barriers. 

The world is more integrated than ever before, thanks in a large part to technological advances.  Knowing which country to focus on when you are looking to outsource is critical.  The Philippines is a great example of a country that has a genuine cultural compatibility.  English is widely spoken and is one of the country’s two official languages.  The culture in the Philippines is built on a network of social values resulting in a hard-working, model workforce and the education system has resulted in highly skilled workers.

When looking for a BPO company seek out a company that is looking for a long-term business relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

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Myth #5: Outsourcing is cheap, so it must be poor quality

Fact: Outsourcing provides you with a dedicated, specialist team and economies of scale.

This generalisation is a little hasty!  In truth most outsourcing businesses hire specialists in various fields, who work to develop their skills to provide quality services that your business needs.  Cost may be a key factor in deciding to outsource, but in most cases, this will also lead to a dedicated and well-trained team.

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